Sorin Ilie

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Recently we were involved in the development of a distributed agent-based English auction server. The focus of the work was on emphasizing the advantages brought by the multi-agent systems technology to the high-level of abstraction, modularity and performance of the server architecture, and its implementation. Less effort was spent on the analysis of its(More)
—Recently we have setup the goal of investigating new truly distributed forms of Ant Colony Optimization. We proposed a new distributed approach for Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithms called Ant Colony Optimization on a Distributed Architecture (ACODA). ACODA was designed to allow efficient implementation of ACO algorithms on state-of-the art(More)
This paper discusses an efficient solution to contemporary situation assessment problems found in environmental management applications. The targeted problems are inherently complex and require processing of large quantities of heterogeneous information by using rich domain knowledge dispersed through multiple organizations. We assume a collaborative(More)
  • Sorin Ilie, Alexandru Mitrica, Alecsandru Sperila, Cristian Totolin, Marius Neghina, Marcu Marian
  • 2015
Computer Science undergraduate students arrive in the first year with great expectations of themselves. However they soon realize that being the next disruptive innovator takes a lot of knowledge, inspiration and hard work. This realization chips away at their determination until they accept their fate as just another developer. Last year we conducted an(More)
This paper concerns the design and development of a distributed agent-based online system for English auctions. The proposed system is composed of two parts: an Agent-based Auction Server and a Web-based Graphical User Interface. The first part of our work brought about the advantages introduced by the multi-agent systems technology to the high-level of(More)