Sorin Enache

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This paper offers applications of the nRobotic platform in the framework of path planning and collision avoidance for mobile robots in missions. The nRobotic platform has been proposed three years ago and developed at the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania, aiming communication with several types of robots. The concept of robot(More)
This paper analyzes the way in which the induction motors parameters influence the stability when operating at variable frequency. In this purpose the used mathematical model is presented. A new analysis method is also detailed, the method being conceived by the members of the staff. Finally the results and the conclusions of the study are presented.(More)
In this paper one uses the theory developed by A.Campeanu (1995) to simulate the operation of induction machine in complex dynamic processes. On this basis one can determine in detail the transient behavior of induction machine and some of the factors which condition the operation. The results are useful in the design stage of induction machine which has to(More)
The paper illustrates the electrical stations of medium voltage in which there is going to be implemented an automated multivariable system, based of software packages for data acquisition, storing, data transmission, processing, monitoring, analysis and which to allow the monitoring of a large number of parameters. The purpose of the local data(More)
A Matlab-Simulink model for the reluctance synchronous motor is presented in this paper. The synchronous machine equations written in the two axes theory are the starting point. A series of simulations emphasizing some parameters effects on the motor behaviour in dynamic regime have been carried out with the help of this model. A test bench for reluctance(More)
In this paper a new method for the induction motors stability analysis when supplying at variable frequency is presented in details. It is insisted on the mathematical model, on the quantitative results and on the graphics obtained with the help of a special achieved Matlab program. Finally the conclusions resulting from the study are presented. Key-Words:(More)
The decisive elements establishing the technical and economic success of a constructive solution of an asynchronous motor are the answer characteristics in dynamic regime, the energy consumption, the gauge dimensions, the speed range, the answer time, the noise level, and a final aspect, important in equal extent, is the cost price. All these performances(More)
The performances of an electrical machine can be described by the dynamic and energetic characteristics, on one hand, and by the gauge dimensions, on the other hand. The minimum and maximum operation speed, the speed range, the answer time, the noise level, the reliability and, a last important aspect, the cost price are decisive elements for the economic(More)
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