Sorin Dan Grigorescu

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transferred without notice, after which this version may no longer be accessible." Abstract Engineering education by its nature is a costly program in university environments. Perhaps the most costly component is the laboratory facilities, usually consisting of specialized equipment. Effective instruction of some topics in power engineering education(More)
The paper presents the results of application of digital sampling method and a study of the errors caused in the measurement of active power and energy with digital meters. The presence of non-sinusoidal regimes makes the use of the Shannon theorem more difficult. The models of digital sampling operations and Matlab applications show which the sampling(More)
– World wide drilling is developing for oil, gas or water resources. Electric motors power 75% of the total drilling rigs installation, augmenting to 95% for the case of Romania. Monitoring diesel generators micro-power station and motors of the rig is the second important thing to do and complete the main task of drilling process monitoring. This paper(More)
A new method for calculation of first order sensitivity and sensitivity groups for Multiple FeedBack (MFB) filter in non-sinusoidal regime is presented. Such a group of linear dependent parameters is defined the relative input values of current and voltage harmonics. The interdependence of the various network sensitivities for a given network needs special(More)
The use of the power and energy functional in the analysis of the electric circuits makes it possible to appreciate the energetic equilibrium state attained in the circuit at a certain moment. This paper is concerned with a demonstration of the principle of minimum dissipated active power for the steady state circuits under nonsinusoidal conditions. It is(More)
The paper presents an efficient computation sensitivity method for the analog two-port linear networks, without using the circuit topology. It is consider the steady state non-sinusoidal regime and the algorithm analyze the sensitivities of the network functions correlating it to the relative values which characterize the input current and voltage(More)
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) computing may be improved using two ways: the first way consists in packing two separate real functions into the complex input array in such a way that their individual transforms can be separated from the result; the second method used to improve the FFT computation consists in packing the real input of length N array cleverly,(More)
This paper describes a system for power supply, monitoring, control and communication for isolated temporary habitats. The system described consists in six modules and offers all the necessary equipment in order to operate a fully functional camp.
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