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The World Wide Web today has been flooded with many new web-oriented applications that changed the role of the user, from spectator to actor. The websites / web-applications became friendlier, more stylish, with many new useful features and a high level of interactivity. New web-programming techniques were developed on the existing HTTP protocol, the old(More)
As a first stage task, this paper presents the study on what represents and how it is possible to ensure the indoor office comfort, which are the most important types of comfort (thermal, visual, acoustic, air quality, etc.) and how each of them could be analyzed (characterized). Few of them have a mathematical interpretation, more or less precise, which(More)
This paper presents aspects about biosignal data acquisition, applied in design of the medical measuring and recording devices. We are working on a mobile health monitoring project and the signal conditioning section will be used for ECG and EOG analog input signal recordings. This block of medical devices represents intermediate section between electrodes(More)
This paper presents the Android mobile phone application developed in order to extended data communication range of our wireless health monitoring device. The main scope is to monitor people at risk in real time even if they are outside of their home and wireless home gateway is out of range. Because real-time data acquisition and alerting functions are(More)
This paper presents a microcontroller based health monitoring system intended to monitor and early detect situations when heart rate and blood oxygen level are out of their safe ranges, or presents uncommon fluctuations in time. The main objective of this project is to prevent emergency situations by informing the patient to take actions before his health(More)
In the frame of the E.U. "Leonardo da Vinci" project it was accomplished the research and development of several solutions for the distance (and mobile) access to remote reconfigurable laboratory work-benches for e-Learning within electrical engineering education. The authors implemented session-based step-by-step- / auto-mated- (synchronous or(More)