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A practical guide to using NodeXL coupled with an in-depth look into the theory and research behind its development! Walks you through using NodeXL, the explanation of the • theory and the development behind each step Demonstrates how visual analytics research can be • applied to Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools for the mass market Presents case studies(More)
Numerous studies have identified links among culture, user preferences, and Web site usability. Most of these studies were reports of findings from a behavioral perspective in explaining how cultural factors affect processes of Web-related content design and use. Based on the research of Vygotsky and Nisbett, the authors propose a broader model, referred to(More)
The evolution of human–computer interaction design (HCID) over the last 20 years suggests that there is a growing need for educational scholars to consider new and more applicable theoretical models of interactive product design. The authors suggest that such paradigms would call for an approach that would equip HCID students with a better understanding of(More)
This paper examines the potential cognitive impact of location aware information systems compared to that of search engines using a dual coding and conjoint retention theoretical framework. Supported by virtual reality or mobile devices, location aware systems deliver information that is relevant for a specific location. Research questions and hypotheses(More)