Soren Johansen

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In most countries, the earnings of female workers are lower than the earnings of male workers with similar observable levels of human capital and individual characteristics. In the United States the conditional gender gap for white collar workers is approximately −20 percent. In European countries it is about −17 percent. A large literature has documented(More)
We run an experiment in which participants are matched to a group of five and repeatedly have to choose with whom within their group they want to play a trust game. Within this group participants observe of each other age, gender, nationality and number of siblings. We find that difference in success in the experiment can only be explained in terms of(More)
In the present work we investigate how the state of credit markets non-linearly affects the impact of fiscal policies. We estimate a Threshold Vector Autoregression (TVAR) model on U.S quarterly data for the period 1984-2010. We employ the spread between BAA-rated corporate bond yield and 10-year treasury constant maturity rate as a proxy for credit(More)
Unlike most empirical works on fertility analysis, this study is the first attempt to analyse the dynamics of fertility and its determinants with a particular focus on the role played by female education and family planning program in the context of a traditional society. The analysis is based on the application of the following dynamic time-series(More)
This paper examines the dynamic relationship between the bilateral exchange rates of 10 Central and Eastern European emerging markets against the euro and their fundamentals, using data from the early 1990s to the middle of 2010, within the framework provided by the monetary model of exchange rate determination. Given that these countries have adopted(More)
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