Sorayya Malek

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This study assesses four predictive ecological models; Fuzzy Logic (FL), Recurrent Artificial Neural Network (RANN), Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm (HEA) and multiple linear regressions (MLR) to forecast chlorophyll- a concentration using limnological data from 2001 through 2004 of unstratified shallow, oligotrophic to mesotrophic tropical Putrajaya Lake(More)
There is still no universally accepted definition of a homegarden (also spelled as home garden). Karyono (1990) described it as a clearly bounded piece of land cultivated with a diverse mixture of annual and perennial crops, and on which a house is built. Kumar and Nair (2004) described it as intimate, multi-story combinations of various trees and crops,(More)
Freshwater algae can be used as indicators to monitor freshwater ecosystem condition. Algae react quickly and predictably to a broad range of pollutants. Thus they provide early signals of worsening environment. This study was carried out to develop a computer-based image processing technique to automatically detect, recognize, and identify algae genera(More)
Cephalometric analysis and measurements of skull parameters using X-Ray images plays an important role in predicating and monitoring orthodontic treatment. Manual analysis and measurements of cephalometric is considered tedious, time consuming, and subjected to human errors. Several cephalometric systems have been developed to automate the cephalometric(More)
This paper describes the application of two novel computational methods such as fuzzy logic and supervised artificial neural network (ANN) to model algal biomass in tropical Putrajaya Lake and Wetlands (Malaysia). Limnological time series data collected from 2001 until 2004 was utilized using input parameters such as water temperature, pH, secchi depth,(More)
Oxinium™ (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, US) has been used in hip arthroplasty since 2003. The surface coating is hard and provides low wear rates but if this surface coating is damaged, the soft metal core is at risk of accelerated wear. Previous reports have described accelerated wear following intra and postoperative hip dislocation. We report a case of(More)
In this study, Support Vector Machine (SVM) technique was applied to predict the dichotomized value of Dissolved oxygen (DO) from two freshwater lakes namely Chini and Bera Lake (Malaysia). Data sample contained 11 parameters for water quality features from year 2005 until 2009. All data parameters were used to predicate the dissolved oxygen concentration(More)
Cryptotia is a very rare condition of ear deformity found in Europe which is more common in Asian populations. The upper ear portion is hidden and fixed in a pocket of skin of the mastoid. Conservatively, this deformity can be treated by molding of the posterior sulcus starting early after birth. Various surgical procedures are described in the literature.(More)
Phytoplankton becomes a concern to the environment when it forms dense growth at the water surface, known as algal bloom. However, studies on mechanism of algal bloom are not straight forward mainly caused by uncertainty and complexity of alga ecosystems. This paper describes the analysis of limnological time-series of Putrajaya Lake and wetlands to(More)