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Study design:A within-participant, double-blind, cross-over, randomised control trial.Objectives:To determine the short-term effects of bronchodilator therapy on respiratory function in people with recently acquired motor complete tetraplegia.Setting:Hospital, Australia.Methods:A total of 12 people with recently acquired tetraplegia were randomised to(More)
Inhaled cationic airway lining modulator (iCALM) is a cationic aerosol therapy comprised of 1.29% calcium chloride dissolved in 0.9% isotonic saline that enhances the biophysical barrier function of the airway lining fluid and primes the host defense response. It's ability to attenuate bronchitis caused by inhaled particles was investigated using an(More)
BACKGROUND Asthmatic patients are often differentiated based on their atopic status (atopic or nonatopic) and type of bronchitis (eosinophilic, neutrophilic, both, or neither). There is evidence supporting a central role for the T cell in asthma, but the role of allergen-induced T cell cytokines in driving disease in different asthma phenotypes remains(More)
We have studied, by histological methods, cytological progression, frequency and distribution of apoptosis in the external granular layer of the cerebellum after whole-body irradiation of 14-day-old rats by gamma-rays from 60 Co. After acute exposure to 0.25, 0.5, 1.5 and 3 Gy (18 cGy/min), the duration of the apoptotic process gradually increased with dose(More)
Study design:Clinometrics study.Objective:To devise a way of capturing the unbiased perspectives of people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) in assessments of mobility.Setting:SCI unit and community.Methods:Three groups of raters used the Global Impression of Change Scale (GICS) to rate change in mobility of a cohort of patients with a recent SCI. The(More)
Study design:A cross-sectional descriptive study was undertaken.Objectives:The overall objective was to explore the potential usefulness of clinicians’ and patients’ impressions of change in motor performance for clinical trials. Specifically, the aim was to compare clinicians’ and patients’ impressions of change in motor performance with standardized(More)
In aging, alterations of pituitary GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) receptor (GHRH-R)-binding sites have been proposed as one of the initiating factors contributing to the loss of somatotroph responsiveness to GHRH. Changes in the characteristics and/or concentration of the functional GHRH-R could take place in the course of aging and reduce the sensitivity of(More)
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