Sorana Melian

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The concept of fully adaptive multiresolution finite volume schemes has been developed and investigated during the past decade. Here grid adaptation is realized by performing a multiscale decomposition of the discrete data at hand. By means of hard thresholding the resulting multiscale data are compressed. From the remaining data a locally refined grid is(More)
INTRODUCTION A formal and complete language assessment requires too much time and also tires the patient out during the first recovery stages after brain injury. The aim of this paper is to introduce a bedside screening, short and sensitive to diagnose aphasias in patients with brain injury. PATIENTS AND METHODS The results of the Bedside Assessment of(More)
The new flow solver Quadflow, developed within the SFB 401, has been designed for investigating flows around airfoils and simulating the interaction of the structural dynamics and aerodynamics. This article addresses the following issues arising in this context. After identifying proper coupling conditions and settling the well-posedness of the resulting(More)
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