Soraia Moreira Garzedim Santos

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Among the numerous ways of assessing regeneration after peripheral nerve lesions, the analysis of gait is one of the most important, because it shows the recovery of function, which is the ultimate goal of the repair machinery. The sciatic function index was introduced as a method to assess reinnervation after an experimental sciatic nerve lesion, and was(More)
Generally, nonsense codons 50 bp or more upstream of the 3'-most intron of the human beta-globin gene reduce mRNA abundance. In contrast, dominantly inherited beta-thalassemia is frequently associated with nonsense mutations in the last exon. In this work, murine erythroleukemia (MEL) cells were stably transfected with human beta-globin genes mutated within(More)
An immunohistochemical procedure for the detection of immunoglobulin G adherent to platelets is described. The peroxidase anti-peroxidase method is used to detect antibody activity directed against platelets from normal donors in the sera from 305 individuals. These subjects were divided into three groups: group 1, patients referred for tissue typing; group(More)
The stimulation of peripheral nerve regeneration has been studied in different ways, including the use of electrical fields. The capacity of this modality to enhance nerve regeneration is influenced by the parameters used, including current type, frequency, intensity, and means of administration. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a(More)
In this article we present the complete massless and massive one-loop triangle diagram results using the negative dimensional integration method (NDIM). We consider the following cases: massless internal fields; one massive, two massive with the same mass m and three equal masses for the virtual particles. Our results are given in terms of hypergeometric(More)
A visual test for detection of granulocyte surface markers using the avidin-biotin complex (ABC) has been developed. That this assay is highly specific, reproducible, and sensitive was determined by studying the expression of HLA antigens on granulocytes with monoclonal antibodies. Further, using granulocyte specific alloantisera, the results of the ABC(More)
A wide range of estrogenic endocrine disruptors (EDCs) are accumulating in the environment and may disrupt the physiology of aquatic organisms. The effects of EDCs on fish have mainly been assessed using reproductive endpoints and in vivo animal experiments. We used a simple non-invasive assay to evaluate the impact of estrogens and EDCs on sea bass(More)
The synthesis of the C1-C19 bis-pyran unit of phorboxazole B has been achieved. The key pyran rings were constructed by means of an asymmetric Maitland-Japp reaction and a second Maitland-Japp resolution/cyclization reaction. The longest linear sequence was 14 steps, and the C1-C19 bis-pyran unit was formed in an impressive 10.4% yield.
White blood cells from 22 patients with leukemia and lymphoma were studied for the presence of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase with a peroxidase-antiperoxidase method. The enzyme was detected in leukemic cells of 5 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and 1 patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia, whereas 16 patients with different forms of(More)