Sora Hahn

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PURPOSE To characterize binocular visual acuity summation and inhibition in participants of a population-based ocular epidemiologic study. METHODS A complete ophthalmic examination of Latinos, aged 40 or more years, measured binocular and monocular distance visual acuities by a standard early-treatment diabetic retinopathy study (ETDRS) protocol. The(More)
PURPOSE To characterize central corneal thickness (CCT) in Latinos aged 40 or more years. METHODS A population-based cohort of Latinos from two census tracts in La Puente, California, underwent measurements of CCT and intraocular pressure (IOP). CCT was measured with an ultrasonic pachymeter, and IOP was measured by applanation tonometry. One eye of each(More)
Studies of diagnostic accuracy often report paired tests for sensitivity and specificity that can be pooled separately to produce summary estimates in a meta-analysis. This was done recently for a systematic review of radiographers' reporting accuracy of plain radiographs. The problem with pooling sensitivities and specificities separately is that it does(More)
INTRODUCTION As the accurate diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is of increasing importance; new diagnostic approaches for the assessment of GDM in early pregnancy were recently suggested. We evaluate the diagnostic power of an 'early' oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) 75 g and glycosylated fibronectin (glyFn) for GDM screening(More)
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