Sor Way Chan

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Thyroid incidentaloma detected on FDG-PET scan has been reported repeatedly in the last several years, though conflicting data are reported. Our aim is to identify the incidence and outcome of incidental FDG-PET detected thyroid lesions in patients undergoing FDG-PET scan for other primary malignancies and to suggest a management algorithm. This is a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate and compare the sensitivity and specificity of computed tomography and of endoscopy, as diagnostic tests for foreign body ingestion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Over a two-year period, Asian patients with suspected foreign body ingestion were studied. The clinical findings, computed tomography images, endoscopic results, treatment and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the incidence of microbial contamination at the bone bank of the United Christian Hospital. DESIGN. Retrospective study. SETTING Regional hospital, Hong Kong. PATIENTS A total of 151 patients (33 men and 118 women) who underwent hip arthroplasty surgery and from whom femoral head allografts were retrieved between January 1994 and(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the outcome of type II thyroplasty in the treatment of adductor spasmodic dysphonia (ASD). STUDY DESIGN Prospective case series. METHODS Thirteen patients with the diagnosis of ASD who were previously treated successfully with botulinum toxin therapy were recruited. Type II thyroplasty as described by Nobuhiko Isshiki was performed(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the treatment outcome of N3 nodal disease. Study design A single institution retrospective nonrandomized study was conducted. A total of 53 patients with primary presentation of squamous cell carcinomas from various head and neck sites from 1980 to 1994 were recruited for this study. Eight patients with(More)
Introduction. Solitary fibrous tumours (SFT) of the parotid gland are a very rare group of spindle-cell tumours with only 28 cases reported in the literature. This review aims to report an additional case of parotid SFT and provide a review of all reported cases of this rare condition. Case Presentation. A 26-year-old male presented a 3 cm well-demarcated,(More)
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