Sophie Willnow

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Protein methylation is catalyzed by S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent protein methyltransferases (MTases), and this posttranslational modification serves diverse cellular functions. Some MTases seem to exhibit broad substrate specificities and comprehensive methods for target profiling are needed. Here we report the synthesis of a new AdoMet analogue for(More)
Septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) is characterized by hypoplasia of the optic nerve, various types of forebrain defects and hormonal deficiencies. We have studied the clinical and endocrinological characteristics of 18 such patients retrospectively to: (1) better define the endocrine abnormalities in children with SOD; and (2) to find approaches for the(More)
This work identifies the combination of enzymatic transfer and click labeling as an efficient method for the site-specific tagging of RNA molecules for biophysical studies. A double-activated analog of the ubiquitous co-substrate S-adenosyl-l-methionine was employed to enzymatically transfer a five carbon chain containing a terminal alkynyl moiety onto RNA.(More)
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