Sophie Voisin

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OBJECTIVE To investigate machine learning for linking image content, human perception, cognition, and error in the diagnostic interpretation of mammograms. METHODS Gaze data and diagnostic decisions were collected from three breast imaging radiologists and three radiology residents who reviewed 20 screening mammograms while wearing a head-mounted(More)
Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)/STAT3 signalling is a hallmark of naive pluripotency in rodent pluripotent stem cells (PSCs), whereas fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-2 and activin/nodal signalling is required to sustain self-renewal of human PSCs in a condition referred to as the primed state. It is unknown why LIF/STAT3 signalling alone fails to sustain(More)
Purpose – Investigate the use of two imaging-based methods – coded pattern projection and laser-based triangulation – to generate 3D models as input to a rapid prototyping pipeline. Design/methodology/approach – Discusses structured lighting technologies as suitable imaging-based methods. Two approaches, coded-pattern projection and laser-based(More)
Knowledge of plant water fluxes is critical for assessing mechanistic processes linked to biogeochemical cycles, yet resolving root water transport dynamics has been a particularly daunting task. Our objectives were to demonstrate the ability to non-invasively monitor individual root functionality and water fluxes within Zea mays L. (maize) and Panicum(More)
Ambient light in a scene can introduce errors into range data from most commercial three-dimensional range scanners, particularly scanners that are based on projected patterns and structured lighting. We study the effects of ambient light on a specific commercial scanner. We further present a method for characterizing the range accuracy as a function of(More)
Supershape model is a recent primitive that represents numerous 3D shapes with several symmetry axes. The main interest of this model is its capability to reconstruct more complex shape than superquadric model with only one implicit equation. In this paper we propose a genetic algorithms to re-construct a point cloud using those primitives. We used the(More)
The characterization of commercial 3D scanners allows acquiring precise and useful data. The accuracy of range and, more recently, color for 3D scanners is usually studied separately, but when the 3D scanner is based on structured light with a color coding pattern, color influence on range accuracy should be investigated. The commercial product that we have(More)
This prospective, Post-Authorization Safety Surveillance (PASS) study was carried out in patients with hemophilia A or B and inhibitors treated with FEIBA for 1 year to collect real-world data on safety and effectiveness of FEIBA. The study followed a cohort design and did not make stipulations on treatment or observation schedule, as it was designed to(More)
This paper presents a new method for estimating the optical flow field using the MRF modeling. In the MRF framework, the estimation problem amounts to the minimization of an energy function. We propose an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) method to solve this minimization problem. It is based on a divide-and-conquer strategy which adequately uses the markovian(More)
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