Sophie Van Der Zee

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Technologies that measure human nonverbal behavior have existed for some time, and their use in the analysis of social behavior has become more popular following the development of sensor technologies that record full-body movement. However, a standardized methodology to efficiently represent and analyze full-body motion is absent. In this article, we(More)
Fraud is a pervasive and challenging problem that costs society large amounts of money. By no means all fraud is committed by 'professional criminals': much is done by ordinary people who indulge in small-scale opportunistic deception. In this paper, we set out to investigate when people behave dishonestly, for example by committing fraud, in an online(More)
—A significant body of literature has reported research on the potential correlates of deception and bodily behavior. The vast majority of these studies consider discrete bodily movements such as specific hand or head gestures. While differences in the number of such movements could be an indication of a subject's veracity, they account for only a small(More)
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