Sophie Ting Hong Zhao

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Experimental techniques to identify and quantify glycan structures in a given sample are continuously improving. However, as they advance data analysis and annotation seems to become more complex. To address this issue, much progress has been made in developing software for interpretation of quantitative glycan profiles. Here, we focus on these informatics(More)
Glycosylation of therapeutic proteins has a profound impact on their safety and efficacy. Many factors shape the glycosylation of biotherapeutics, ranging from expression systems and cell culture processes to downstream purification strategies. Various analytical technologies have been developed to address questions concerning different aspects of(More)
One of the reasons that future robots will enhance their intelligence and actions in an unstructured environment is because of their “networked” feature. Current robot designs have difficulty in understanding unstructured environments due to the inherent diversity and unpredictability of phenomena in the real world. However, new developments such as(More)
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