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The present study was performed to investigate the tissue reaction related to orthodontic intrusion of teeth with a reduced periodontium and further to evaluate the influence of oral hygiene on this reaction. In each of five Macaca fascicularis monkeys, periodontal tissue breakdown was induced around the premolars and the upper incisors by placing(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients discharged from the emergency department (ED) are often referred for primary care, specialty, or other disease-specific follow-up appointments. Attendance at these scheduled follow-up appointments has been found to improve patient outcomes, decrease ED bounce-backs, and reduce malpractice risk. Reasons for missing follow-up visits are(More)
BACKGROUND Homeless persons are at higher risk for morbidity and mortality from both chronic and episodic illness than the general population. Few data are available on the prevalence of these conditions and uptake of vaccination for prevention. METHODS In March 2007, we administered a cross-sectional survey to a convenience sample of homeless persons in(More)
Seventy-one adoptive children from Asian countries, mainly Korea, were adopted by Danish parents. Height and weight were measured and dental and skeletal maturity assessed immediately after arrival and one year later. Increase in dental age was in complete concordance with the time interval between the two examinations. With regard to skeletal age, the(More)
OBJECTIVES Evaluation of extended treatment interruption (TI) in chronic HIV infection among patients successfully treated with antiretroviral therapy. METHODS An observational analysis of 25 patients in a prospectively followed cohort with chronic HIV infection, viral loads <500 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL for at least 6 months, and an interruption in therapy of(More)
The effect of orthodontic treatment on the functional status of the masticatory system was analysed in 706 children from three Danish communities. Three-hundred-and-eighty-eight (48 per cent) of the children were treated orthodontically and the 295 (37 per cent) of the total population had terminated the treatment and were included in the analysis.(More)
Introduction of a rapid methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) polymerase chain reaction assay, with physician education and pharmacist guidance, did not significantly reduce excessive empiric prescription of MRSA-active antibiotics despite the test's accuracy and potential to substantially reduce inappropriate antibiotic use.
The present paper provides data on load-deflection rate and maximal force generated for 19 coil springs. The force level at activation and deactivation was registered at intervals of 5 mm between 0 and 100 per cent extension. Ten springs of each type were analysed. The following questions were answered. How many of the springs exhibited the behaviour of a(More)
The relationship between the presence of malocclusion and maintenance of teeth in adulthood was studied in a randomly drawn sample of 499 35-44-yr-old Danes. Maintenance of teeth in the past was expressed through the number of teeth present, attachment level and information of regularity of dental visits. Maintenance at present was expressed as caries(More)