Sophie Taieb

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BACKGROUND Although cervical cancer is clinically staged, surgery has long been considered the best means to assess extrapelvic disease and remains the gold standard for the detection of both intraperitoneal spread and small volume nodal metastases. The objective of this study was to determine short- and long-term outcomes for patients with locally advanced(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this phase II trial was to assess the efficacy and toxicity of weekly paclitaxel for patients with metastatic or unresectable angiosarcoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty patients were entered onto the study from April 2005 through October 2006. Paclitaxel was administered intravenously as a 60-minute infusion at a dose of 80 mg/m(2)(More)
To analyze the imaging features of hibernomas on computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MRI). Twelve hibernomas were retrospectively assessed with CT and MR imaging and compared to the histology of the specimen Nine females and three males with a mean age of 30 years were included. Ten tumors occurred in the thigh and two affected the subcutis of(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study are to describe the standardization and dissemination of dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound (DCE-US) for the evaluation of antiangiogenic treatments in solid tumors across 19 oncology centers in France and to define a quality score to account for the variability of the evaluation criteria used to collect DCE-US(More)
OBJECTIVE Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO) is the gold standard prophylactic surgery for BRCA1 or 2 mutation carriers. However, due to the resulting early menopause and fertility desires, young women are reluctant to undergo this procedure. In view of the recent literature on ovarian carcinogenesis, we wish to report a novel conceptual surgical(More)
We describe a patient with polyarteritis nodosa who developed a large retroperitoneal hemorrhage from a ruptured suprarenal capsule artery aneurysm. Platinum coils were embolized selectively during arteriography and successfully controlled the aneurysmal bleeding. The vasculitis was controlled ten weeks later but our patient developed anemia and(More)
La mise à jour des recommandations pour la pratique clinique (RPC) pour la prise en charge des patients atteints d’un sarcome des tissus mous a été élaborée par la Fédération nationale des centres de lutte contre le cancer (FNCLCC), en collaboration avec le Groupe sarcome français et le Groupe d’étude des tumeurs osseuses (GSF-GETO), des partenaires des(More)
PURPOSE To describe retrospectively the overall survival, the cancer specific survival and the tumor control in an homogeneous series of patients with epidermoid carcinoma of the anal canal treated with definitive radiotherapy; to assess the impact of brachytherapy, chemotherapy and pre-radiotherapy resection on the risk of recurrence. PATIENTS AND(More)
After treatment of primary soft tissue sarcoma, a third of patients will develop local or distant (lung in 90% of cases) recurrence. For an individual patient, the issue of cancer recurrence is a binary event. However, when developing surveillance strategies for large groups of patients, knowledge of the risks (tumor biology, natural history of the(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the additional value of density measurement using contrast-enhancement sequences (Choi assessment) in a real-life cohort of adult soft tissue sarcoma patients treated with trabectedin. METHODS Eligibility criteria included adults (age ⩾18) treated between 01/2007 and 12/2011, with at least two trabectedin cycles after failure or(More)