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New ultrasound parameters, potentially predictive of tumor response to chemotherapy, were sought after analyzing details of vascular architecture of mammary tumors during chemotherapy. Tumor-bearing rats were separated into untreated or docetaxel-treated group (6 mg/kg/week). Power Doppler Index and vascular contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) reference(More)
Cerebral hypoxia-ischemia (HI) is an important cause of perinatal brain damage in the term newborn. The areas most affected are the parasagittal regions of the cerebral cortex and, in severe situations, the basal ganglia. The aim of this study was to show that the newborn piglet model can be used to produce neuropathology resulting from moderate HI insult(More)
Small-animal ultrasound imaging has been made possible using high-resolution imaging devices. The spatial resolution is therefore sufficient to accurately measure anatomical parameters in mice. This paper reviews some of the main applications of high-resolution ultrasound imaging of the mouse and highlights what could be the forthcoming advances.
Today manufacturers propose echographic systems with a resolution ranging from 100 microm down to 30 microm. This requires ultrasonic frequencies ranging from 20 to 60 MHz. However, when associated with an increase in the attenuation of the wave in the media this limits the applications to superficial exploration. High frequencies also bring special(More)
The impact of inflammation in utero on amniotic fluid composition, the delivery term and the number of newborn rats per litter was investigated. The growth of newborns during the first fourteen days of life was analysed. Changes in the metabolome were evaluated using 1H NMR spectroscopy combined with multivariate analysis. NMR spectra were segmented and(More)
Here we present an echographic method to withdraw amniotic fluid from pregnant rats. The method could be an alternative to the surgical amniotic fluid collection methods used currently. On day 18 of gestation, pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats underwent amniotic sac puncture by either surgical procedure or echographically guided method. This study evaluated the(More)
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