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INTRODUCTION Osteoid osteoma is a benign osteogenic tumor that is mainly located in the lower limbs. According to Campanacci the proximal femur is involved in 25% of cases. We present a series of 44 cases of osteoid osteoma located in the neck of the femur or the lesser trochanter treated by the minimally invasive method, CT-guided percutaneous bone(More)
Paediatric patellar instability encompasses many anatomic entities located along a continuum of knee extensor mechanism abnormalities. Major or minor clinical manifestations may occur at a variable age. In major forms with irreducible patellar dislocation or habitual patellar dislocation during knee flexion, shortness of the quadriceps is a consistent(More)
BACKGROUND Purpura fulminans is a rare and extremely severe infection, mostly due to Neisseria meningitidis frequently causing early orthopedic lesions. Few studies have reported on the initial surgical management of acute purpura fulminans. The aim of this study is to look at the predictive factors in orthopedic outcome in light of the initial surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Purpura fulminans is a rare and extremely severe infection, mostly due to Neisseria meningitidis. Nineteen patients were followed up immediately after the initial multivisceral failure in order to diagnose late-onset orthopedic sequelae. We report our experience with these 19 patients, in light of our medical follow-up protocol and surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoid osteoma is a painful benign osteogenic tumour for which the treatment objective is surgical resection of the nidus. The acetabular fossa is an uncommon site of involvement where surgical access can prove challenging. MATERIALS AND METHODS We report a case-series composed of five patients with osteoid osteoma of the acetabular fossa(More)
This visualization project originated in a program entitled “Art Markets in Europe 1300‐1800, Emergence, Development, Networks.” The latter focused mainly on the movement and dynamics of the art markets of the early modern age: Who were the agents of this mobility? What were its mechanisms? What idea do we have of the numbers of pictures circulating in(More)
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