Sophie Moukhtar

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This study investigated, for the first time in France, the spatial and temporal patterns of 55 endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in ambient air at three sites (urban, suburban and forest) under two climatic periods (warm/cold) for 2 successive years. All EDCs, except tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA), were encountered with various frequencies of up to 100%.(More)
Air quality studies need to be based on accurate and reliable data, particularly in the field of the emissions. Biogenic emissions from forests, crops, and grasslands are now considered as major compounds in photochemical processes. Unfortunately, depending on the type of vegetation, these emissions are not so often reliably defined. As an example, although(More)
The data comprise 254 first and 150 second 305-day lactation records of buffaloes and their dams at Mahalet Mousa Experimental Station. These records were used for the evaluation of the effect of various factors upon 305-day milk yield. The average daily milk yield and percentage constituents were measured on 58 lactation records. Samples were taken on the(More)
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