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In early Xenopus development, transcription is repressed and DNA replication initiates at non-specific sites. Here, we show that a site-specific DNA replication origin can be induced in this context by the assembly of a transcription domain. Deletion of the promoter element abolishes site-specific initiation, and its relocalization to an ectopic site(More)
Extrachromosomal circular DNA molecules of chromosomal origin have been detected in many organisms and are thought to reflect genomic plasticity in eukaryotic cells. Here we report a developmentally regulated formation of extrachromosomal circular DNA that occurs de novo in preblastula Xenopus embryos. This specific DNA population is not detected in the(More)
Expression of the nerve growth factor (NGF) receptors TrkA and p75(NTR) was found to vary at the surface of PC12 cells in a cell cycle phase-specific manner. This was evidenced by using flow cytometric and microscopic analysis of cell populations labeled with antibodies to the extracellular domains of both receptors. Differential expression of these(More)
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