Sophie Marty

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The use of n i f e d i p i n e (Nit) in the treatment of hypertension i s l imi ted by rapid b i o i n a c t i v a t i o n . Therefore a sustained re lease t a b l e t (NifSR) has been developed. Our study was designed to compare the pharmacokineties of NifSR (20 mg) with those of a capsule (NifCap; 2xlO mg) and an i.v. injection (Nifiv; O.O15 mg/kg) in(More)
Over 30 thromboembolic events have been reported in factor VII (FVII) deficiency either associated with previously asymptomatic forms or bleeding diathesis. Whether this coexistence is fortuitous or not is still a mater of debate. Nevertheless, it is well admitted that (i) thrombotic events occurring in FVII-deficient patients with any apparent triggering(More)
The thymus provides a specialized environment allowing the differentiation of T lymphocytes from bone marrow-derived progenitor cells. We and others have demonstrated that gene transfer into distinct thymocyte populations can be obtained, both in vivo and ex vivo, using lentiviral vectors. Here, we describe techniques for intrathymic lentiviral transduction(More)
A post-graduate training program in clinical pharmacy for pharmacists is described. The yearly program gives an overview of the various activities. A detailed description of one working day delivers insight into the activities of a clinical pharmacist in a department of internal medicine. Clinical education of a pharmacist should enable him to apply his(More)
The hospital pharmacy is responsible for providing each patient with the required drug treatment. This goal can be fulfilled by constant adaptation of the pharmaceutical services to the needs of the medical and nursing staff, hospital administration and other technical services. The goals and the functional relationship between the different activities of a(More)
Microarray technology provides a unique opportunity to examine gene expression patterns in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). We performed a meta-analysis of 38 original studies reporting on the transcriptome of hESCs. We determined that 1,076 genes were found to be overexpressed in hESCs by at least three studies when compared to differentiated cell(More)
s of Papers and Postezs Safe handling of medicines 22nd European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy Heidelberg (Gezmany), 13-16 October i993 Organized by the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy Organizing Committee: Sabine Konder Hannelore Kreckel Evelyn Rehring Reinhild Rohde-BShler Reinhard Schierholz Hartmut Steckner Scientific Committee Rainer Brackertz(More)
s of Posters EXTRACTIVE BIOCATALYSIS IN A TWO-LIQUID-PHASE SYSTEM WITH PLANT CELL SUSPENSIONS Lucilla Bassetti, Johannes Tramper Extractive fermentation is a technique used to reduce end product inhibition by removing the fermentation products in situ. The extraction can be performed by using an organic/aqueous two-phase system if the organic phase(More)
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