Sophie M D Logez

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BACKGROUND Anecdotal reports suggest that unsafe injections may transmit blood-borne pathogens in Mongolia. METHODS The Ministry of Health of Mongolia collected information on injection practices, their determinants, and their consequences through interviews and observations of a small convenience sample of prescribers, injection providers, and members of(More)
BACKGROUND The common failure of health systems to ensure adequate and sufficient supplies of injection devices may have a negative impact on injection safety. We conducted an assessment in April 2001 to determine to which extent an increase in safe injection practices between 1995 and 2000 was related to the increased access to injection devices because of(More)
A national drug policy addressing the safe and appropriate use of injections is an important element to prevent overuse and unsafe use of injections. Because the World Health Organization World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines is a keystone of national drug policies, the authors examined the way it addresses injection practices. They(More)
OBJECTIVES Although poor reproductive health constitutes a significant proportion of the disease burden in developing countries, essential medicines for reproductive health are often not available to the population. The objective was to analyze the guiding principles for developing national Essential Medicines Lists (EML). The second objective was to(More)
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