Sophie M Cohen

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Nairne, Thompson, and Pandeirada (2007) proposed that our memory systems serve an adaptive function and that they have evolved to help us remember fitness-relevant information. In a series of experiments, they demonstrated that processing words according to their survival relevance resulted in better retention than did rating them for pleasantness, personal(More)
The present study compared the effect of acetaminophen, ibuprofen and misoprostol on PGE2 synthesis and orthodontic tooth movement. Guinea pigs were randomly assigned into one of three test groups or a control group. Each group received study treatments every 12 hours as an orthodontic force was applied to the maxillary incisors. Direct linear measurements(More)
Ultrasonography is a dynamic, powerful, and readily available tool in the armamentarium of biliary diagnosis. The use of this modality is indicated in the initial work-up of jaundice since ultrasonography is exquisitely sensitive to the presence of intrahepatic or extrahepatic biliary dilatation. The liver and pancreas may be screened for focal masses. In(More)
The altered cast technique for distal extension removable partial dentures involves such cumbersome laboratory procedures that many dentists avoid using it. This article presents a simple and easy clinical technique that accomplishes the same objective, but involves no additional laboratory work. In addition, the technique provides superior accuracy when(More)