Sophie Luco

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NF-κB transcription factors are crucial for many cellular processes. NF-κB is activated by viral infections to induce expression of antiviral cytokines. Here, we identified a novel member of the human NF-κB family, denoted RelAp43, the nucleotide sequence of which contains several exons as well as an intron of the RelA gene. RelAp43 is expressed in all cell(More)
We have examined homeostatic or compensatory plasticity evoked by tonic changes in spinal cord excitability in the lamprey, a model system for investigating spinal cord function. In larval animals, reducing excitability by incubating in tetrodotoxin or the glutamate receptor antagonists CNQX or CNQX/AP5 for 20–48 h resulted in a diverse set of cellular and(More)
The matrix (M) protein of wild isolates of rabies virus such as Tha (M-Tha) was previously shown to be able to interact with RelAp43, a protein of the NF-κB family, and to efficiently suppress NF-κB-dependent reporter gene expression, in contrast with the vaccine strain SAD. Here, we analyze the mechanisms involved in RelAp43-M protein interaction. We(More)
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