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Hamstring muscle strain is the most prevalent injury in Australian Rules Football, accounting for 16% of playing time missed as a result of injury. Thirty-seven professional footballers from an Australian Football League team had preseason measurements of hamstring and quadriceps muscle concentric peak torque at 60, 180, and 300 deg/sec measured on a Cybex(More)
BACKGROUND Antitumour antibiotics are used in the management of metastatic breast cancer. Some of these agents have demonstrated higher tumour response rates than non-antitumour antibiotic regimens, however a survival benefit has not been established in this setting. OBJECTIVES To identify and review the randomised evidence comparing anti-tumour(More)
A clinical and pathologic study of cis-platinum ototoxicity was performed. Twenty-four patients treated with cis-platinum for head and neck cancer were studied prospectively. Post cis-platinum hearing losses were subclinical, detected in 25% of patients, isolated to 4 and 8 kHz, and did not exceed 25 dB at any frequency. Temporal bones from a 9-year-old(More)
Night-to-night variability of breathing and oxygenation during sleep was examined with portable monitoring equipment in 30 residents of a retirement village. Subjects had a variety of health problems as might be expected in the elderly, but all were living independently in self-contained units. None had clinical features to suggest obstructive sleep apnea.(More)
Women starting first-line chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer have differing baseline characteristics and survival times. We sought to develop and validate a pragmatic prognostic nomogram to predict overall survival (OS) by using available clinical and laboratory data. The prognostic model was developed in a training cohort (n = 693) from two first-line(More)
Twenty-six records of sleep and breathing obtained with a portable monitoring system from elderly subjects were scored by three raters with computer assistance to examine interrater reliability of scoring. Raters were a medical student, a nurse practitioner, and a family physician, all of whom had at least one month's experience with the equipment.(More)
AIM To establish the impact of portal hypertension (PH) on wait-list/post-transplant outcomes in patients with polycystic liver disease (PCLD) listed for liver transplantation. METHODS A retrospective single-centre case controlled study of consecutive patients listed for liver transplantation over 12 years was performed from our centre. PH in the PCLD(More)
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