Sophie Lemaire

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A discrete model of Brownian sticky flows on the unit circle is described: it is constructed with products of Beta matrices on the discrete torus. Sticky flows are defined by their " moments " which are consistent systems of transition kernels on the unit circle. Similarly, the moments of the discrete model form a consistent system of transition matrices on(More)
To understand the effect of assortative mating on the genetic evolution of a population, we consider a finite population in which each individual has a type, determined by a sequence of n diallelic loci. We assume that the population evolves according to a Moran model with weak assortative mating, strong recombination and low mutation rates. With an(More)
A lot of plant growth models coexist, with different modelling approaches and levels of complexity. In the case of sugar beet, many of them are used as predictive tools, even when they were not originally designed for this purpose. We propose the evaluation and comparison of five plant growth models that rely on the same energetic production of biomass, but(More)
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