Sophie Kern

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This study compares early grammatical and lexical acquisition in 323 preterm and 166 full-term children at 24 months. The French MacArthur-Bates parental report was employed for analysis. Gestational age and birth order showed a significant effect on vocabulary size and grammatical distribution. Preterm children showed fewer words and produced more games,(More)
This study investigates the use of relative clauses in French children's narrative monologues. Narrative texts were collected from French-speaking monolinguals in four age groups (five, seven, ten years and adults). Twenty subjects from each group were asked to tell a story based on a picture book consisting of twenty-four images without text (Frog, Where(More)
Stokes (2010) compared the lexicons of English-speaking late talkers (LT) with those of their typically developing (TD) peers on neighborhood density (ND) and word frequency (WF) characteristics and suggested that LTs employed learning strategies that differed from those of their TD peers. This research sought to explore the cross-linguistic validity of(More)
Introduction Three main objectives are set out in this project entitled “Comparison between processes in language acquisition by children and language evolution: from the first syllables to the lexical spurt”. First is understanding of relationships between children’s early production patterns and characteristics of the production system affecting those(More)
This paper presents the development of communicative gestures in French-speaking children aged from 8 to 16 months. The study is based on the French adaptation of the wellknown MacArthur Communicative Development Inventories. Data show how many gestures are acquired, of what kind, contribute to the gender effect debate, and finally, show the link between(More)
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