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Capturing High-level Nondeterminism in Concurrent Programs for Practical Concurrency Model Agnostic Record & Replay
The evaluation shows that the approach is expressive and flexible enough to support record& replay of applications using threads& locks, communicating event loops, communicating sequential processes, software transactional memory and combinations of those concurrency models.
A detailed VM profiler for the Cog VM
VMProfiler provides more detailed profiling reports, showing for native code functions in which bytecode range the execution time is spent, and addresses some limitations related to assessing the activity of native functions (resulting from a Just-in-time compiler operation).
Garbage Collection Evaluation Infrastructure for the Cog VM
A configurable benchmark is built which simulates an application with different heap properties to be able to stress specific aspects of the memory management and evaluated the two reference algorithms on the infrastructure built to obtain reference benchmark results.
Avoiding monomorphization bottlenecks with phase-based splitting
This project introduces phase-based splitting, an optimization that utilizes phases to guide monomorphization based on splitting and preliminary results show promising speedups ranging from 10 to 20% on average, peaking at 47.6% per phase.
Assessing primitives performance on multi-stage execution
This paper describes the different implementations of the String comparison optional primitive, discusses the maintenance cost of each of them and evaluates for different string sizes the execution time in Cog, a Smalltalk virtual machine.