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Despite growing interest over the decades, the question of estimating cognitive workload of operators involved in complex multitask operations, such as helicopter pilots, remains a key issue. One of the main difficulties facing workload inference models is that no single specific indicator of workload exists, so that multiple sources of information have to(More)
BACKGROUND Helicopter pilots are involved in a complex multitask activity, implying overuse of cognitive resources, which may result in piloting task impairment or in decision-making failure. Studies usually investigate this phenomenon in well-controlled, poorly ecological situations by focusing on the correlation between physiological values and either(More)
In 2005, marjoram (Origanum vulgare) plants were found decayed in Cordoba Province, in Argentina. Disease symptoms included wilting, crown and root rot and plant death. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled. This appears to be the first record of a recent outbreak of Fusarium crown and root rot of marjoram caused by Fusarium solani in Argentina.
Video-game users represent 40% of the French population and adolescents are the primary users. Yet excessive playing of video games has become a problem in modern society and is manifesting itself in treatment centers for adolescents. Before attempting to gain insight into this problematic use, we must understand video gaming itself and its implications for(More)
In spring 2006, marjoram (Origanum vulgare) plants were found decayed and collapsed in Cordoba Province, in Argentina. Disease symptoms consisted of wilting, foliar necrosis, vascular discoloration, and death of infected plants. Several fungal isolates were obtained and identified as Fusarium oxysporum. Koch’s postulates were completed. This appears to be(More)
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