Sophie Eychenié

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Large DNA viruses are ubiquitous, infecting diverse organisms ranging from algae to man, and have probably evolved from an ancient common ancestor. In aquatic environments, such algal viruses control blooms and shape the evolution of biodiversity in phytoplankton, but little is known about their biological functions. We show that Ostreococcus tauri, the(More)
Ehrlichia ruminantium is the causative agent of heartwater, a major tick-borne disease of livestock in Africa that has been introduced in the Caribbean and is threatening to emerge and spread on the American mainland. We sequenced the complete genomes of two strains of E. ruminantium of differing phenotypes, strains Gardel (Erga; 1,499,920 bp), from the(More)
The Cdc25 protein phosphatase is a key enzyme involved in the regulation of the G(2)/M transition in metazoans and yeast. However, no Cdc25 ortholog has so far been identified in plants, although functional studies have shown that an activating dephosphorylation of the CDK-cyclin complex regulates the G(2)/M transition. In this paper, the first green(More)
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