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Pharmacokinetic evaluation of eltoprazine
An overview of the pharmacokinetics (PK) of the non-stimulant medication eltoprazine is provided and endophenotypical characteristics may be provided to help identify specific subgroups of patients with ADHD, who can benefit from the development of el toprazine, to maximize efficacy while minimizing adverse reactions. Expand
Metabolic, toxicological, and safety considerations for drugs used to treat ADHD
This article focuses on the medications with current FDA approval for use in the treatment of ADHD in pediatric and adult populations and presents an overview of their respective metabolic, toxicological, and safety features. Expand
Increased brain activity to unpleasant stimuli in individuals with the 7R allele of the DRD4 gene
The findings corroborate the response ready hypothesis, which suggests that individuals with the 7R allele are more responsive to negative emotional stimuli compared to individuals withThe 4R allele of the DRD4 gene. Expand
Variations in Mental Health Need and Service Utilization by Insurance Type: Findings from a Population-Based Survey in California
The results suggest that the ACA will improve mental health by reducing concerns about cost reported by the uninsured, however, there is still a need for programs to address other barriers to treatment. Expand