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Previous studies using explicit semantic tasks, such as category or similarity judgments, have revealed considerable neuroanatomical overlap between processing of the meaning of words and pictures. This result may have been influenced by the semantic executive control required by such tasks. We examined the degree of overlap while minimizing semantic(More)
We previously reported the neuropsychological consequences of a lesion confined to the middle and posterior part of the right fusiform gyrus (case JA) causing a partial loss of knowledge of visual attributes of concrete entities in the absence of category-selectivity (animate versus inanimate). We interpreted this in the context of a two-step model that(More)
Laura Davis for their help with design and to Mante Nieuwland and Herman Kolk for their helpful comments on the manuscript. Abstract We used event-related potentials (ERPs) to examine the time-course of processing metaphorical and literal sentences in the brain. ERPs were measured to sentence-final (Experiment 1) and mid-sentence (Experiment 2) critical(More)
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