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This case report details an association of the use of over-the-counter sexual enhancement supplements with atypical optic neuropathy. A 42-year-old man presented with right-sided headache and vision loss of the right eye, which deteriorated to a single quadrant of hand motion over 11 days. Serial orbital magnetic resonance imaging scans demonstrated(More)
Human parasitization by oestrid flies is a rare occurrence. The authors report a case of ophthalmomyiasis externa caused by Dermatobia hominis infestation in a 10-year-old female. Misdiagnosis resulted in a delay in treatment, which can be potentially devastating in cases of orbital or ocular involvement. The treatment of choice is early surgical removal of(More)
J. C. Abbott, Milton Abramowitz, J. W. Addison, Jr., M. I. Aissen, R. W. Allen, C. B. Allendoerfer, S. A. Amitsur, R. D. Anderson, M. M. Andrew, N. C. Ankeny, H. A. Antosiewicz, Hirotada Anzai, Richard Arens, K. J. Arnold, L. A. Aroian, Sholom Arzt, Maurice Auslander, W. L. Ayres, F. E. Baker, B. J. Ball, N. H. Ball, R. P. Bambah, Wallace E. Barnes, I. A.(More)
PURPOSE It was recently proposed that activation of P2X(7) purinoceptors may play a role in causing cell death in the pericyte-containing microvasculature of the diabetic retina. This hypothesis is supported by the observation that diabetes enhances lethal pore formation in retinal microvessels exposed to synthetic P2X(7) agonists. The goal of this study(More)
Since its introduction in 2004 by Manstein et al, fractional resurfacing has revolutionized the manner in which we treat photoaging. Fractional resurfacing delivers microscopic beams of light to the skin resulting in coagulation or vaporization of fragments of the epidermis and dermis. The wavelengths of these devices may vary, yielding different clinical(More)
e140 Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg, Vol. 31, No. 5, 2015 A 52-year-old male with unknown medical and ocular history was assaulted while intoxicated. The mechanism of injury could not be further elucidated, given limited patient cooperation and the absence of witnesses. Bedside examination disclosed 20/200 and 20/70 uncorrected near vision in the right and(More)
BACKGROUND Skin cancers of the periocular tissue present formidable reconstructive challenges because of anatomic complexity, vital function, and cosmetic significance. OBJECTIVE To review eyelid anatomy and reconstructive techniques from an oculoplastic surgery perspective. RESULTS Eyelid structure and function are intimately linked, and good working(More)
Objective Paranasal sinus mucoceles are benign cystic lesions originating from sinus mucosa that can impinge on adjacent orbital structures, causing ophthalmic sequelae such as decreased visual acuity. Definitive treatment requires surgery. We present the first meta-analysis quantifying the effect of preoperative visual function and time to surgery on(More)