Sophie D. Lapierre

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Balancing assembly lines is a crucial task for manufacturing companies in order to improve productivity and minimize production costs. Despite some progress in exact methods to solve large scale problems, softwares implementing simple heuristics are still the most commonly used tools in industry. Some metaheuristics have also been proposed and shown to(More)
We discuss the problem of constructing physician schedules in emergency rooms. Starting from practical instances encountered in six different hospitals of the Montreal (Canada) area, we first we propose generic forms for the constraints encountered in this context. We then review several possible solution techniques that can be applied to physician(More)
Preventive services are slowly changing our existing health care system. Preventive services, compared to medical services when people are sick, require a more decentralized system because healthy people are not as willing to travel far to seek services. We show that, in the new context, the utilization of satellite facilities in addition to traditional(More)
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