Sophie Coutant

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OBJECTIVES To identify a new idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (IBGC)-causing gene. METHODS In a 3-generation family with no SLC20A2 mutation, we performed whole exome sequencing in 2 affected first cousins, once removed. Nonsynonymous coding variants, splice acceptor and donor site variants, and frameshift coding indels (NS/SS/I) were filtered(More)
  • Sophie Coutant, Eric Jondeau, Michael Rockinger, S Coutant, E Jondeau, M Rockinger
  • 1998
Les Notes d'Études et de Recherche reflètent les idées personnelles de leurs auteurs et n'expriment pas nécessairement la position de la Banque de France. Abstract The aim of this paper is to compare various methods which extract a Risk Neutral Density (RND) out of PIBOR as well as of Notional interest rate futures options and to investigate how traders(More)
Whole exome sequencing (WES) has become the strategy of choice to identify a coding allelic variant for a rare human monogenic disorder. This approach is a revolution in medical genetics history, impacting both fundamental research, and diagnostic methods leading to personalized medicine. A plethora of efficient algorithms has been developed to ensure the(More)
BACKGROUND In culture, isogenic mammalian cells typically display enduring phenotypic heterogeneity that arises from fluctuations of gene expression and other intracellular processes. This diversity is not just simple noise but has biological relevance by generating plasticity. Noise driven plasticity was suggested to be a stem cell-specific feature. (More)
To identify novel genetic bases of early-onset epithelial ovarian tumors, we used the trio exome sequencing strategy in a patient without familial history of cancer who presented metastatic serous ovarian adenocarcinomas at 21 years of age. We identified a single de novo mutation (c.1157A>G/p.Asn386Ser) within the INHBA gene encoding the βA-subunit of(More)
  • Sophie Coutant, Jean Cordier, Helyette Geman, Eric Jondeau, Michael Rockinger, Pierre Sicsic
  • 1999
The aim of this paper is to construct a time-varying estimator of the investors' risk aversion function. Jackwerth (1996) and Aït-Sahalia and Lo (1998) show that there exists a theoretical relationship between the Risk Neutral Density (RND), the Subjective Density (SD), and the Risk Aversion Function. The RND is estimated from options prices and the SD is(More)
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