Sophie C Pointer

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BACKGROUND In early 2001 in Australia there was a sudden and dramatic decrease in heroin availability that occurred throughout the country that was evidenced by marked increases in heroin price and decreases in its purity. AIM This study examines the impact of this change in heroin supply on the following indicators of heroin use: fatal and non-fatal drug(More)
An olfactory stimulus and a visual stimulus were employed in a context-dependent memory study using a prose passage as the to-be-remembered item. Ninety-five university students (aged 17-35 years) learned the passage of prose in the presence of one of the stimuli and were then asked to recall the passage with the original context either reinstated or not(More)
OBJECTIVE The primary aim was to determine whether child anxiety could be reduced by the presence of a parent during anaesthetic induction. Secondary aims involved clarification of the effect of the timing of parental separation, the use of premedication, the seriousness of the surgical procedure, and the flow-on effect of parental anxiety on the level of(More)
Worldwide, current practice is to report hospital mortality using the hospital standardised mortality ratio (HSMR). An HSMR is generated by comparing an indirectly standardised expected mortality rate against a hospital's observed mortality rate. A hospital's HSMR can be compared with the overall outcomes for all hospitals in a population, or with peer(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine national trampoline injury patterns and trends in the context of improved product safety standards and trampoline design modifications. METHOD Review of National Hospital Morbidity data. RESULTS There were an average 1,737 trampoline injuries reported nationally each year from 2002 to 2011. Both injury frequency and rate grew.(More)
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