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Bacillus subtilis is the best-characterized member of the Gram-positive bacteria. Its genome of 4,214,810 base pairs comprises 4,100 protein-coding genes. Of these protein-coding genes, 53% are represented once, while a quarter of the genome corresponds to several gene families that have been greatly expanded by gene duplication, the largest family(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers sorely need markers and approaches for biodiversity exploration (both specimen linked and metagenomics) using the full potential of next generation sequencing technologies (NGST). Currently, most studies rely on expensive multiple tagging, PCR primer universality and/or the use of few markers, sometimes with insufficient variability.(More)
BACKGROUND Co-lethality, or synthetic lethality is the documented genetic situation where two, separately non-lethal mutations, become lethal when combined in one genome. Each mutation is called a "synthetic lethal" (SL) or a co-lethal. Like invariant positions, SL sets (SL linked couples) are choice targets for drug design against fast-escaping RNA(More)
Chitin, the second most abundant biopolymer on earth after cellulose, is found in probably all fungi, many animals (mainly invertebrates), several protists and a few algae, playing an essential role in the development of many of them. This polysaccharide is produced by type 2 glycosyltransferases, called chitin synthases (CHS). There are several(More)
Remerciements Je tiens à remercier à l'Atelier de Bioinformatique, labo informel et groupe d'amis. En particulier aux "vieux permanents": Aux membres du jury de cette Habilitation, pour avoir accepté l'être. À ma famille, mes amis et à Carmen. Qualifications académiques 2000-"Docteur ès sciences", Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines en(More)
présentée par Sandrine PERRIN Dans le cadre de la Licence professionnelle de biotechnologie, option bioinformatique Calcul de score d'alignements multiples de séquences Encadrants: Remerciements Je tens vivement à remercier Joël Potier pour m'avoir accueilie au sein de son équipe à l'ABI et pour tuts les démarches enteprises qui ont rendu ce stage possible.(More)
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