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The development of multicellular organisms requires the precisely coordinated regulation of an evolutionarily conserved group of signaling pathways. Temporal and spatial control of these signaling cascades is achieved through networks of regulatory proteins, segregation of pathway components in specific subcellular compartments, or both. In vertebrates,(More)
H uman milk banks provide an alternative to formula feeds for preterm babies when the mother's breast milk is unavailable. The first human milk bank in the United Kingdom opened at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London in 1939. The emergence of the human immunodeficiency virus resulted in the disappearance of many human milk banks in the 1980s. However, there(More)
The notochord is a structure common to all chordates, and the feature that the phylum Chordata has been named after. It is a rod-like mesodermal structure that runs the anterior-posterior length of the embryo, adjacent to the ventral neural tube. The notochord plays a critical role in embryonic tissue patterning, for example the dorsal-ventral patterning of(More)
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