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Superdistribution is not new to the content industries. Quite a few suppliers of digital content have started to implement this concept already. Be it to share bandwidth and storage as it is mainly the case for movies or to spread content faster by stimulating the user to engage in direct marketing actions to promote content as it is true for the music(More)
Superdistribution (SD) is a user-centric approach for publishing media contents like music, videos, or slide shows. Instead of following the traditional, provider-centric shop concept, SD is based on the idea that consumers can directly exchange content among each other, and hence it adopts the principles of viral marketing and multi-level networking as(More)
The goal of this paper is to suggest very simple quantitative estimates of probabilities of wrong decisions being made by managers who don't use system and statistical thinking. The model of decision making discussed by us follows the well-known Shainin rule of green-yellow-red. It is shown that under some conditions (normal distribution of critical(More)
  • S F Ahrens
  • 1994
Previous studies have shown that intervertebral discs compress under axial loading, yet few studies have examined the relationship between disc age and compressibility. The purpose of this study was to determine if the amount of vertebral column height (VCH) loss induced by running was significantly different between two age groups, 17 males ages 20-27(More)
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