Sophie A. Rutter

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Public access to cultural heritage collections is a challenging and ongoing research issue, not least due to the range of different reasons a user may want to access materials. For example, for a virtual museum website users may vary from professionals or experts, to interested members of the public visiting on a whim. In this paper, we are interested in(More)
The Cultural Heritage in CLEF 2013 (CHiC) interactive task focused on acquiring and analysing interactive information retrieval (IIR) behaviour in a Digital Cultural Heritage collection. The University of Sheffield contributed 120 on-line and 20 in-lab participants to this task. The results of both the on-line and in-lab experiments strongly indicate that(More)
BACKGROUND This is the first long-term follow-up of patients discharged from a medium secure unit. AIMS To describe the short- and long-term outcomes of admission for all patients discharged during a 14-year period. METHOD A longitudinal cohort study of all 234 patients discharged from the Denis Hill Unit, Bethlem Royal Hospital, between 1980 and 1994,(More)
BACKGROUND A follow-up of patients discharged from medium secure psychiatric units is used to compare outcome in patients of different ethnic origin. AIMS To test the hypothesis that there are systematic differences in clinical outcome between ethnic groups. METHOD A descriptive, longitudinal cohort study of discharges from a medium secure unit is used(More)
There are many factors in task design that might make it 'complex': having multiple components, having multiple cross-dependent components, tasks that involve comparison, evaluation, estimation, or learning. In this paper, we discuss a case study of a complex task we may consider to be highly natural, a common concern for many people, and one that 'should'(More)
Introduction. This paper investigates techniques used by children in year 4 (age eight to nine) of a UK primary school to reformulate their queries, and how they use information retrieval systems to support query reformulation. Method. An in­depth study analysing the interactions of twelve children carrying out search tasks in a primary school lesson;(More)
Significant correlations between prebedtime activities and sleep satisfaction varied with sleep length in 115 college students: 15 short sleepers who listened to music were less satisfied with sleep, while 18 long sleepers who snacked on milk and sweets were more satisfied with sleep. Longer sleepers may substitute alcohol for food as they grow older.
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