Sophia Zaragoza

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The influence of seasonality and Zygophyllum dumosum root canopy on the species diversity of free-living amoebae at two soil depths (0–10 and 10–20 cm) was studied in a Negev Desert ecosystem in Israel. Free-living amoebae were extracted and identified after cultivation in non-nutritive agar plates. A total of 90 amoeba species were identified in the soil(More)
The spatial and temporal patterns of resource distribution in a desert system have been shown to influence a number of soil biota components and processes. The pattern of possible different resources supplied by two typical halophyte shrubs with different ecophysiological adaptations, Atriplex halimus and Hammada scoparia, was found to be the trigger in the(More)
Seasonal population trends and damage to citrus trees by the leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton were studied in the Valencia area of eastern Spain from 1996 to 1999. The area-wide seasonal flushing pattern of citrus trees and leafminer population trends were determined in 10 mature citrus orchards. In the 10 orchards, the annual percentage of new(More)
Objective: Exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5: PM with aerodynamic diameters < 2.5 μm) has been linked with cognitive deficits in older adults. Using fine-grained voxel-wise analyses, we examined whether PM2.5 exposure also affects brain structure. Methods: Brain MRI data were obtained from 1365 women (aged 71-89) in the Women's Health(More)
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