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Educating Virtue as a Mastery of Language
That only those who have mastered language can be virtuous is something that may strike us as an obvious truism. It would seem to follow naturally from, indeed simply restate, a view that is far moreExpand
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Moral Agents and Their Deserts: The Character of Mu'tazilite Ethics
Must good deeds be rewarded and wrongdoers punished? Would God be unjust if He failed to punish and reward? And what is it about good or evil actions and moral identity that might generate suchExpand
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The Aims of the Law and the Morality of God
Virtues of Greatness in the Arabic Tradition
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‘The Mind as an Object of God's Knowledge’: Another Cartesian Temptation?
In this paper my aim is to consider the picture of God's immediate knowledge of the mind as this appears in Wittgenstein's work, where its soundness seems to be brought into question. My argument isExpand
Greatness of Spirit in the Arabic Tradition
Much—if not quite enough—has been written about the development of greatness of soul and its cognate concepts in ancient philosophy and in the European context more broadly. The bestknown account ofExpand
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