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Nonplanar ground states of frustrated antiferromagnets on an octahedral lattice
We consider methods to identify the classical ground state for an exchange-coupled Heisenberg antiferromagnet on a non-Bravais lattice with interactions $J_{ij}$ to several neighbor distances. HereExpand
Seismic invisibility: elastic wave cloaking via symmetrized transformation media
Transformation media theory, which steers waves in solids via an effective geometry induced by a refractive material (Fermat's principle of least action), provides a means of controlling vibrationsExpand
Splash, pop, sizzle: Information processing with phononic computing
Phonons, the quanta of mechanical vibration, are important to the transport of heat and sound in solid materials. Recent advances in the fundamental control of phonons (phononics) have brought intoExpand
Detecting Thermal Cloaks via Transient Effects
This work constructed a cloak with similar approximation and directly detected its presence using these transient temperature deviations outside the cloak, which should allow us to find any realizable cloak, assuming a sufficiently large temperature difference. Expand
Phonon diodes and transistors from magneto-acoustics
By sculpting the magnetic field applied to magneto-acoustic materials, phonons can be used for information processing. Using a combination of analytic and numerical techniques, we demonstrate designsExpand
A Unified Approach to Nonlinear Transformation Materials
It is shown that nonlinearity can be incorporated into transformation optics in a consistent way, and used to illustrate a number of novel effects, including cloaking an optical soliton, modeling nonlinear solutions to Einstein’s field equations, controlling transport in a Debye solid, and developing a set of constitutive to relations for relativistic cloaks in arbitrary nonlinear backgrounds. Expand
A topological wave transistor protected by the Euler characteristic
Although topological materials have recently seen tremendous development, their applications have remained elusive. Simultaneously, there exists considerable interest in pushing the limits ofExpand
Cloaking of the momentum in acoustic waves.
  • Sophia Sklan
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 14 January 2010
Through an appropriate change in variables, it is found that the three-dimensional acoustic wave equation is subject to the transformation media interpretation and can be extended beyond the pressure difference to also account for the momentum transported by the wave. Expand
Resonant behavior in heat transfer across weak molecular interfaces
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are used to study, in detail, the transfer of thermal (vibrational) energy between objects with discrete vibrational spectra to those with a semi-continuum ofExpand