Sophia S.H. Yang

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RATIONALE Ca(V)1.2 channels are essential for excitation-contraction coupling in the cardiovascular system, and alternative splicing optimizes its role. Galectin-1 (Gal-1) has been reported to regulate vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) function and play a role in pulmonary hypertension. We have identified Gal-1 multiple times in yeast 2-hybrid assays using(More)
Nonlinear feedback interactions have been shown to amplify contrast due to small differences in resonance frequency arising from microscopic susceptibility variations. Determining whether the selectivity of feedback-based contrast enhancement for small resonance frequency variations remains valid even in the presence of macroscopic field inhomogeneity is(More)
A scalable method for fabricating architected materials well-suited for heat and mass exchange is presented. These materials exhibit unprecedented combinations of small hydraulic diameters (13.0-0.09 mm) and large hydraulic-diameter-to-thickness ratios (5.0-30,100). This process expands the range of material architectures achievable starting from(More)
The current investigation is an extension of previous liquid chromatography studies involving conformational changes of n-alkyl-bonded phases under totally aqueous mobile phase conditions. Relative changes in retention, Deltak'(r), before and after reordering/resolvation of an octyl phase have been studied with various linear, branched, cyclic and aromatic(More)
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