Sophia N. Yaliraki

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The complexity of biological, social, and engineering networks makes it desirable to find natural partitions into clusters (or communities) that can provide insight into the structure of the overall system and even act as simplified functional descriptions. Although methods for community detection abound, there is a lack of consensus on how to quantify and(More)
In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in community detection algorithms for complex networks. A variety of computational heuristics, some with a long history, have been proposed for the identification of communities or, alternatively, of good graph partitions. In most cases, the algorithms maximize a particular objective function, thereby(More)
We introduce a mathematical framework for the analysis of the input–output dynamics of externally driven memristors. We show that, under general assumptions, their dynamics comply with a Bernoulli differential equation and hence can be nonlinearly transformed into a formally solvable linear equation. The Bernoulli formalism, which applies to both chargeand(More)
Directionality is a crucial ingredient in many complex networks in which information, energy or influence are transmitted. In such directed networks, analysing flows (and not only the strength of connections) is crucial to reveal important features of the network that might go undetected if the orientation of connections is ignored. We showcase here a(More)
Despite the recognized importance of the multi-scale spatio-temporal organization of proteins, most computational tools can only access a limited spectrum of time and spatial scales, thereby ignoring the effects on protein behavior of the intricate coupling between the different scales. Starting from a physico-chemical atomistic network of interactions that(More)
This paper explains why charge- and flux-controlled memristor dynamics comply with Bernoulli's nonlinear differential equation. These devices are termed Bernoulli memristors. Based on the fact that their identified nonlinear dynamics can always be treated in a linearized manner, a general mathematical framework suitable for the systematic study of(More)
Starting from the constitutive properties that underpin the ideal memristor as originally defined by Leon Chua, we identify the conditions under which two memristors comply with the reciprocity theorem. In particular, we explore the minimal set of requirements for an ideal memristor and the physical implications of not complying with these criteria. Then,(More)
With the rise of social media as an important channel for the debate and discussion of public affairs, online social networks such as Twitter have become important platforms for public information and engagement by policy makers. To communicate effectively through Twitter, policy makers need to understand how influence and interest propagate within its(More)
Allosteric regulation at distant sites is central to many cellular processes. In particular, allosteric sites in proteins are major targets to increase the range and selectivity of new drugs, and there is a need for methods capable of identifying intra-molecular signalling pathways leading to allosteric effects. Here, we use an atomistic graph-theoretical(More)