Sophia Kousidou

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Stroke forms one of the leading causes of disability in most industrialized countries. Robot mediated task-orientated physiotherapy is the recent answer to the shortage of staff and the cost associated with the treatment of strokes. The role of biofeedback as a rehabilitation tool has also being acknowledged recently. In this paper we present Rehab Lab, a(More)
Stroke forms one of the leading causes of death amongst adults in industrialized countries, and although survival rates are comparatively high in up to 1/3 of patients there is functional impairments (particularly in the upper limbs) that can persist even after rehabilitation training. Tasked based rehabilitation therapy (shaping) is a new approach that(More)
actions which must be immediately executed at the virtual layer. Figure 1. The Overall Virtual Intelligent Agent Architecture The AEC module serves a twofold purpose : Its bottom level takes care of the process communication between the Logical Agent and the Virtual World module. Its top level takes care of information transfer between the Logical Core and(More)
The basic concepts for exoskeletal systems have been suggested for some time with applications ranging from construction, manufacturing and mining to rescue and emergency services. In recent years, research has been driven by possible uses in medical/rehabilitation and military applications. Yet there are still significant barriers to the effective use and(More)
Recent advances in multimedia systems and robotics encourage the development of novel types of applications that associate the use of various multimedia objects with the behavior of multiple robotic actors. Unfortunately, the development of such systems is hampered by the lack of appropriate authoring and execution environments. This paper seeks to fill(More)
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