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MOTIVATION Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) play an important role in understanding biological processes. Although recent research in text mining has achieved a significant progress in automatic PPI extraction from literature, performance of existing systems still needs to be improved. RESULTS In this study, we propose a novel algorithm for extracting(More)
This paper discusses the problem of marrying structural similarity with semantic relat-edness for Information Extraction from text. Aiming at accurate recognition of relations, we introduce local alignment kernels and explore various possibilities of using them for this task. We give a definition of a local alignment (LA) kernel based on the Smith-Waterman(More)
We introduce a new semantic annotation scheme for the Recognizing Textual Entailment (RTE) dataset as well as a manually annotated dataset that uses this scheme. The scheme addresses three types of modification that license entailment patterns: restrictive, appositive and conjunctive, with a formal semantic specification of these patterns' contribution for(More)