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Disputatious Rhetoric and Political Change: The Case of the Greek Anti-Mining Movement
Rhetorical scholarship has significantly contributed to our understanding of the role of confrontation in engendering social and political change, but it traditionally over-emphasises its moralExpand
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Disturbing Binaries in Political Thought: Silence as Political Activism
‘Keeping silent’ can be a meaningful political event, a form of political activism that generates new political subjectivities and alters existing realities by reconfiguring power relations. To fleshExpand
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Studying political disputes: A rhetorical perspective and a case study
This article argues that rhetorical analysis is a method particularly well-suited for the study of political disputes and introduces commonplaces as a tool to conduct such analysis. Commonplaces fu...
Inventing the environmental state: neoliberal common sense and the limits to transformation
ABSTRACT The neoliberal nature of the environmental state prevents a transformation to long-term sustainability. Taking the case of Britain, I scrutinise the rhetorical invention of the environmentalExpand
Defending the indefensible: Obama’s rhetoric in the aftermath of the torture report
This article offers an analysis of Obama’s response to the publication of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) torture report. Using rhetoric as its mode of inquiry, the article demonstrates howExpand
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Rhetorical Analysis and the Study of Political Controversies
The Oratory of Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is an ambivalent figure of American conservatism. This chapter attends to her rhetoric and oratory and proposes that we can understand Palin as a celebrity politician who played aExpand
‘The climate has always been changing’: Sarah Palin, climate change denialism, and American conservatism
Celebrity politician Sarah Palin diffused climate denialism, while advocating a version of social and political conservatism. This article scrutinises her rhetoric and argues that she crafted and p...
Demanding the Alternative: The Rhetoric of the UK Anti-Austerity Movement
The UK anti-austerity movement succeeded in creating a distinct space of political identification for those who sought to express their discontent with the government’s spending cuts. This chapterExpand